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Derek & Bev are back in the game – read all about it here! But will Derek survive a critical mauling? Fingers-crossed the critics will be kind…

“Brilliantly bonkers!”
View From The Gods

“Engaging, funny, and often discomfiting. Recommended.”
Fringe Review

“Endearingly authentic; an admirably wacky way to round off a day at the Fringe”
Fringe Guru

“Theatre’s answer to snorting sherbet through a liquorice straw while riding a Chopper and listening to the Bee Gees.”
Tim Crouch

“Full of colour, delight, laughter, memories and disquiet.”
Kate Gowar, Theatre Producer, Nightingale Theatre

“Darkly humorous, acutely funny and clever.”
Mimi Banks, Director, Home Live Art

“The Crimplene Millionaire has delighted our audiences at events across Kent and Sussex this summer.”
Ann Emmett, Applause Rural Touring

“Unusual and good fun, everybody thoroughly enjoyed it.”
David Storey, Ryarsh Village Fete

“You made our event special. We loved it.”
Sue Prochak, Robertsbridge Summer Event

“A rip-roaring 1970s adventure”
Rebecca Atkinson-Lord, Ovalhouse Director

“The start of something special.”
Total Theatre

“Surreal, funny, excruciating, trippy, poignant and…educational! A work of standalone comic genius!”
audience member, via Facebook

“Genius! We love Derek, totally brilliant.”
audience member, via Facebook