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Derek Dickie Daniels was born in 1943 to doting parents Frank and Elsie Daniels.

Derek’s father Frank worked for the ICI laboratories in North Yorkshire’s Crimple Valley in the 1950′s and helped to develop the synthetic Crimplene fabric, famously named after the valley; Elsie was a devoted housewife and mother. Born and raised in the shadow of the grand Crimple Valley Viaduct in Crimple Valley, Derek was expelled from school aged 15 for pushing a clothes peg up the nose of another pupil during an argument about the vital statistics of Hollywood blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield. “48-22-36 – I was right all along!” Derek later said of the incident.

From his late teens onwards (and clad entirely in Crimplene from head to toe) Derek became a regular fixture of the northern working men’s club circuit, honing his musical comedy act whilst ducking to avoid flying bottles of urine. His big break into television finally came in 1973, when his friend Wally Williewhite introduced him to TV producer Donald McIntyre. Donald commissioned the “original game of numbers in a supermarket setting” entitled 7-7-9-11. With Derek at the helm, the show was a prime-time ratings smash, running until 2001 and making Derek a household name in the 1970s, famous for his familiar catchphrases “Hiya, I’m runnin’ backwards”, “I’m laffin’ and I’m cryin”, “I’ve gone right off on a tangerine” and “On with the marigolds, Derek, keep it clean!”

Beverley Waverley Daniels (née Tibbs) was born in 1955 in Birstall, West Yorkshire.

Her doting parents, Agnes and Bill Tibbs. encouraged her precocious talent, and young Beverley would sing and dance her way to and from school every single day. This non-stop rehearsing was rewarded when, aged 16, she was awarded the title Miss Cheshire Blue Cheese 1971 along with a year-long advertising contract.

In the summer of 1972 Derek met Bev at Porky’s nightclub in Batley, West Yorkshire, where according to Derek they “instantly bonded over a burnt testicle” and have been together ever since, on-screen and off-screen. They have an adopted daughter, Daniella Diana Daniels, and the couple now reside in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire.