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From glittering TV stardom to the showbiz doldrums, 70s telly host Derek Daniels has been off our screens for quite a while, with only his glamorous assistant (and increasingly frustrated wife) Bev for company. In a bid to rekindle the nation’s affection, Derek is planning a comeback with Crimplene Millionaire, his pilot TV gameshow for the Retro Channel, finally marking his return to the small screen.

So Derek and Bev would like invite you to play a round of Crimplene Millionaire. Roll the dice and compete in this totally fab 1970s board game, as your hosts roll back the years to a pre-digital world of Mateus Rosé, Brut 33, fondue and butterscotch Angel Delight. If you didn’t experience the decade first hand, prepare to be illuminated; and if you did, prepare to feel young again!

Can Derek win back our hearts, or will it be a dark night of the soul for light entertainment? What skeletons are lurking in Derek and Bev’s walk-in-wardrobes and to what lengths have they gone to survive in the z-list celebrity wilderness?

Performed on a bold and unique hand-painted board game stage set, Crimplene Millionaire is prime-time edutainment, an interactive game and engaging social satire in one artful theatrical package.

Created and written by Boogaloo Stu.
Performed by Boogaloo Stu & Avis Cockbill.

Supported by Arts Council England, Nightingale Theatre, Applause and Home Live Art. First performed at Ovalhouse in February 2013.